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Alternative Energy

Geothermal Energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth.

 Click on the picture to see our latest geothermal job.

Solar Power is electricity generated from the levels of natural energy contained in the rays of the sun.

Wind Power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy such as using wind turbines to make electricity.


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Customer Comments
Putnam Mechanical actually solved some problems that have plagued our HVAC systems for several years (something that two of Charlotte’s ‘better’ mechanical companies could never get done.) Putnam even identified a problem with the power coming into our property. (Again, something that the other guys missed completely.) Because of Putnam’s service, our HVAC equipment is running better than ever. I really value Putnam’s quick response to service calls. Everyone is always so cooperative and professional. When there are HVAC problems here at the club, it is good to know we have Putnam to call. As for our preventative maintenance program … I dropped one of Charlotte’s ‘better’ companies to go with Putnam. Their pricing is competitive, and their quality of service is unmatched--
Gregg Burgess, Cornelius

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Phone: 704•799•3665 - NC
Phone: 941-444-9244 - FL
     Fax: 704•799•3659

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