Updated August 8, 2023

The inside of a furnace can get dirty. Soot and debris running through the unit don’t always get caught by the filter, and you don’t want your furnace accumulating dirt as the fan could circulate some of it into your home. Here are three ways to clean a furnace:

1. Vacuum the Interior

Carefully vacuuming the interior of the furnace picks up a lot of dirt and debris. You may even have dead insects and spider webs in there, too. A thorough vacuuming could remove a lot of the unwanted accumulations inside the furnace.

Adhere to smart steps for safety before starting. Shutting off both the gas flow and electrical power to the furnace is among the recommended safety steps. When vacuuming, you will need to use special attachments capable of reaching into the furnace. Perform such actions with great care because you don’t want to damage anything.

Do you notice anything damaged or worn when vacuuming the burners? If so, then repair work may be past due. Putnam Mechanical handles all kinds of requests for heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance jobs in the Charlotte region. Our company also performs ventilation and electrical work.

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2. Remove the Filter

A dirty filter is not helpful to the operation of the furnace. You don’t need to wait until the filter is incredibly dirty to deal with it. Pull out the filter and take a look at it. If it is too dirty, then you might want to replace it.

Depending on its condition, you may wish to vacuum the filter. Vacuuming up dirt from the screen could remove clogs and extend its life. Don’t assume that vacuuming extends the lifespan forever, though. Stick with the recommended schedule for replacing the filter.

3. Wiping and Brushing

A little soap and water combined with a towel and maybe a brush could make the furnace sparkle. That said, be careful when using water. You don’t want the metal parts to rust or damage any internal components. If you don’t feel confident cleaning things, call in a pro.

It is never too early to call Putnam Mechanical about requests for heating service. We are also available to assist with your cooling, ventilation and electrical needs. Contact us today.

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