You might think that your furnace is rusty because it’s old or no longer in use. However, rust can actually be a sign of other problems with the furnace, such as corrosion and leakage. These issues could lead to serious problems like fires and even explosions if the root cause is not determined and taken care of. To find out if there are any other underlying causes for your rust problem, keep reading below.

1. Corroded Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger can be made of steel or aluminum, but either way, it may rust if the metal has been exposed to moisture for too long. This could happen because of a leaking water pipe in your home or an old seal that no longer keeps out humidity and other contaminants. Both of these issues are dangerous, so you should have them checked by a professional HVAC technician immediately before they escalate to serious problems.

2. Clogged Sulfuric Acid Drain Traps

Furnace vents contain sulfuric acid drain traps, which trap condensate before releasing it through the vent system. If they’re not drained properly on occasion when debris builds up, then this will cause corrosion points. These points are where more than normal amounts of acidic decay along with buildups inside the ductwork accumulate, causing rust.

3. Leaky Furnace Heater

The furnace’s water heater may be leaking, causing rust and corrosion around the area of the leakage. Water heaters can cause a high amount of condensation, which leads to this type of problem over time with prolonged use. In addition, if your water heater happens to be powered by electricity or natural gas, then there are serious hazards involved in having it leak onto combustible surfaces like carpeting. An HVAC professional should check this leak immediately because it could lead to fires that spread quickly throughout your home.

4. Failure to Carry Out Routine Filter Maintenance

Furnace filters should be changed regularly on schedule for optimal filtering system performance. When you neglect regular filter maintenance, especially in winter, dust and debris can accumulate inside your furnace, leading to rust. The filters should be changed at least every three months or more often, depending on if you have pets or a lot of dust accumulation.

5. High Sulfuric Acid in the Ground

If the surrounding area of the home contains a high amount of sulfuric acid in the ground, it will attack and corrode any metal that happens to be nearby. This could include underground piping or even wiring if it’s not wrapped with protective rubber or plastic around them.

6. Accumulation of Rusty Sediments Within Your System

There might be accumulations of rusty colored sediment buildups within your system that require professional cleaning services before you continue using it for heating purposes after the summer. Rusty particles like these indicate that there’s too much corrosion occurring on internal surfaces within the heat exchanger itself. Over time, this will cause rust to form on these surfaces as well.

7. Failure to Have Regular Engine Maintenance

Many furnaces have internal combustion engines attached directly within the system. Over time, they may rust and corrode if the oil quality is poor or not changed regularly. The oil should be changed on a schedule that’s based on optimal engine operating conditions.

8. Presence of Salty Water Around your Homestead

The furnace may have been exposed to saltwater corrosion for too long, causing corrosive buildups leading to rust throughout some surfaces. This rust could build up on the heat exchanger panels, ductwork sections, water heater tanks, filters, and so forth. If you notice corrosion, you should seek professional cleaning services before safe heating operations are resumed. This way you can ensure your equipment is in proper working order. Salt contamination problems like these typically arise from a faulty seal along seams where cooling coils are joined together.

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