Many homeowners forget to change their air filters. These filters play an important role in your cooling system. You want to change the filters regularly to keep a well-maintained system. Here are some ways air filters are important for your home.

Improves Your Air Quality

When you’re in your home, you want to breathe in clean air. As you turn on the AC system, air passes through the filters and into your house. If you have a dirty filter, all of that dirt and debris will move with the air. A clean filter will remove all of those harmful particles from the air and catch any airborne irritants. If you think your air isn’t at a healthy level, you can have an indoor air quality test performed by a technician. When you need to schedule a maintenance call in Charlotte, contact the professionals at Putnam Mechanical.

Protects Your Air Conditioning System

Dust and debris can cause a lot of issues in your home, including damaging components in your AC unit. When dust builds up, it can clog the air conditioner’s parts. When you change the air filter, you can prevent these harmful particles from entering the interior of your AC system. This small step can help you to avoid costly repairs and save on energy bills. If you want a filter replacement in Charlotte, turn to the professional team at Putnam Mechanical.

Keeps Your AC Unit Operating at Optimal Levels

When debris builds up in your unit, it has to work harder to cool down your house. With this added stress, your motor and other parts can malfunction from the heavy workload. Your air filters need to be replaced every one to three months. We can help you keep your unit working at an optimal level with our maintenance services.

Clean filters protect your cooling system. However, you may need additional help if you want to enjoy really healthy air in your home. We can assist you with all of your AC maintenance needs. Give Putnam Mechanical in Mooresville, NC, a call today to schedule a routine maintenance visit. Our team provides repair, installation and maintenance services for heaters and AC systems.

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