Putnam Mechanical VanYou may be wondering why you need AC maintenance in Concord, NC. Maybe you have a warranty on your system, but it says you need professional maintenance every year for the warranty to stay valid. It makes sense; getting a tune-up for your AC shows that you’re not neglecting it, and everyone knows that problems can arise with any piece of equipment when it’s neglected.

Heat pumps cannot operate well when there’s dirt and dust built up in the air handler. It won’t be able to take the heat from your home and push it outdoors, which means you’ll be left with lukewarm air. Debris build-up in the compressor unit spells similar trouble. AC also needs parts lubricated, tightened, or replaced outright. Otherwise, inefficient cooling is the result, and you’ll be paying more and more on your energy bill for sub-standard performance.

AC Maintenance You Can Trust in Concord

Putnam Mechanical AC Maintenance ServicesAn AC tune-up usually takes place in the spring whereas heating tune-ups occur in the fall. It’s a good way to prepare the system for the summer months, when continual use will inevitably wear it down a little.

Technicians will, for starters, most likely perform the following:
  • Air filter replacement
  • Electrical checks
  • Airflow testing
  • Thermostat calibration

With calibration, you won’t need to worry about the thermostat thinking your home is cooler or warmer than it actually is. With good airflow, you won’t be faced with overheating and short-cycling. Once the electrical wiring is checked, you can rest assured that the AC won’t be a fire hazard. Regarding filter replacement, this is so important (and so easy) that even homeowners should be doing it. You could ask us about the frequency, which varies depending on the filter’s material and on your indoor air quality.

Local AC Tune-Up Experts

Putnam Mechanical AC MaintenancePutnam Mechanical is ready to have experienced technicians take on your AC maintenance. No make or model of AC system lies outside of our field of expertise. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are backed by over 75 years of experience.

An AC tune-up takes approximately two hours. We know that some homeowners, at least, may rather want to spend that time at Concord Mills, but we believe that it’s worth the hassle. At the end, our technicians will give you a detailed report of their findings and recommend any repairs.

Get ahold of Putnam Mechanical, and we’ll schedule your appointment for AC maintenance. We can also help with AC repair and installations, too.

Not in need of AC maintenance? We also perform a thorough furnace maintenance to keep your heater running smoothly. Call us today to get started!