Putnam Mechanical VanDo you need AC maintenance in Davidson, NC? Actually, there should be no question about it. Every unit, no matter its age, will benefit from an AC tune-up, and every homeowner who cares about cutting down the bills and extending the life of the AC will see that the investment pays off in the long run.

Maintenance pinpoints the issues that don’t require a full-blown repair but would have led to you needing one if you left them alone. It also consists of small fixes that the technician does to ensure smooth, efficient AC performance. These two components, the inspection, and the fixes are always best left to a professional. In fact, most manufacturers’ warranties require that you get professional maintenance every year; otherwise, they become void. You may be able to replace the filter and clean the coils on your own, but a lot more is involved.

AC Maintenance Team in Davidson

Putnam Mechanical AC Maintenance ServicesHere’s a brief summary of what a tune-up can cover. Filter replacement is a no-brainer. Technicians will also clean both the evaporator coil in the air handler (the indoor unit of your heat pump) and the condenser coil in your compressor (the outdoor unit). These coils must be free of debris, or else they will never transfer heat from your home and produce the cool air you demand.

Technicians may:
  • Check for leaks in the refrigerant lines
  • Check for air leaks
  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Look for any loose electrical wiring

A heat pump cannot operate efficiently with a refrigerant leak; in addition, refrigerant is a toxic substance. As for leaks in the ducts, these will let all the cold air escape.

Other tasks that may be covered include the lubrication of certain components like the motor bearings, inspections of the electric terminals, and testing to ensure the right amount of airflow through the vents.

Davidson’s AC Tune-Up Experts

Putnam Mechanical AC MaintenanceWith more than 75 years of experience backing it up, Putnam Mechanical is your one-stop-shop for AC maintenance here in Davidson. You’ll love our technicians and the high-quality work they perform.

An AC tune-up can take about two hours. Our technicians are experts in their field, familiar with all makes and models of ducted and ductless units, and they’re committed to fast, friendly service. If you own a Lennox product, all the better because our company is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer.

Putnam Mechanical is ready to set up your AC tune-up appointment, so call today for more information. We also provide AC repair and installation.

If you are in need for furnace maintenance, we do that, too. Call us today to find out about our maintenance plan!