Why should you purchase a programmable thermostat? Especially if the thermostat you now have works perfectly?  Well, it might work, but a programmable thermostat can be a big improvement in many ways. Here are just a few of them.


Programmable thermostats allow you to program the temperature setting of your residence or business for any given time. These thermostats can be linked to your Wi-Fi system for easy access and control. The thermostat can also use your phone location to automatically economize in “away mode.” You can manage your home or business energy from anywhere! This pinpoint targeting allows the most direct control of heating and cooling costs. Your system can even monitor air quality and give performance reports.


The variable programming of the thermostat permits you to change temperature controls to suit your needs precisely. Do you like it cooler at night? There is no need to manually reset the thermostat. You can program it to change temperature automatically. If you are returning from out of town, or are gone during the day, the programmable thermostat can be set for savings and then adjust the temperature before your arrival back. This combines efficiency and comfort for your residence or business.


The efficient use of power and energy has become more and more important in the modern world. By allowing precise energy monitoring and use, programmable thermostats help to lighten our energy footprint on the planet.


The efficiencies of programmable thermostats pay for the cost of purchasing, many times in less than a year. In the long run, this type of thermostat will allow us to reduce costs, increase ease and efficiency of use, and help lighten our ecological footprint. Few products offer so many benefits for the business or home! Contact Putnam Mechanical today for more information about programmable thermostats and for all of your other heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration needs.

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