Commercial HVAC in Davidson, NCPutnam Mechanical is a commercial HVAC provider in Davidson, NC, helping to provide reliable performance in your business facility. Commercial heating and cooling systems do more than keep temperatures consistent. They can impact business premises’ energy bills, productivity levels, comfort, and safety. You need a professional commercial HVAC company like Putnam Mechanical to ensure your system functions efficiently. Getting commercial heating and cooling maintenance ensures that the system performs optimally without negatively impacting employee productivity or tenant comfort. You should never ignore signs of malfunctioning in your commercial system because it could cause serious issues, forcing it to shut down.

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The HVAC system in your business facility can take quite a beating, depending on the area’s climate and hours of operation. Checking on these systems is paramount to allow the HVAC technician to spot inefficiencies and recommend suitable solutions. It’s wise to understand some common issues that might affect your commercial system and ways you can help prevent a system shut down or costly repairs. You need to hire a repair technician if you notice unusual things with your commercial system, such as a loss of efficiency.

Other signs you need an HVAC repair technician may include unfamiliar and loud sounds, unexplained increased heating and cooling costs, and inconsistent airflow. Several things can cause commercial heating and cooling system issues, including lack of maintenance and dirty filters. Dirty air filters force your system to work harder, increasing energy costs and reducing lifespan. Replace or clean air filters often to improve the HVAC system efficiency and improve your indoor air quality. A leaking refrigerant can also cause commercial heating and cooling problems. The coils of an HVAC system contain refrigerants that aid in air conditioning. If your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant, it cannot perform optimally, leaving the building uncomfortable for tenants and causing HVAC problems. Improper air balance and thermostat malfunctions are other leading causes of commercial HVAC problems.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a commercial heating and cooling system:
  • Clean ducts
  • Change air filters
  • Install programmable thermostats
  • Conduct prompt repairs

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Professional Commercial HVAC CompanyWe have been providing top-notch HVAC services for several years. You can trust our expertise and team of knowledgeable technicians to tackle any HVAC job, regardless of its complexity. We have a proven track record of expertise over the years, and our service technicians undergo extensive training to handle different HVAC models and brands. Our company has maintained an A+ rating and is BBB accredited. Whether you live near Davidson College or John M. Belk Arena, you can trust our commercial HVAC company to meet your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

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