When you need services for air conditioning or heating in Denver, NC, make sure you talk to us at Putnam Mechanical. We offer installation when you’re building or want an upgrade, repairs when your furnace or air conditioner is not working properly, and maintenance to ensure your units run efficiently for as long as possible.

    We work with residential and commercial HVAC systems. All our technicians must undergo background checks. Plus, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    HVAC Repairs in Denver

    When your furnace or air conditioner breaks down, you need technicians to fix it quickly. Problems can include a broken heat exchanger in your furnace or problems with the condensate coil in your air conditioner.

    You might notice that your furnace or AC frequently cycles on and off, your energy usage is increasing for no apparent reason, or unusual noises or smells are coming from your system. In any case, you’ll want help from a qualified HVAC technician as soon as possible.

    Additional signs that could indicate that you need a repair for your furnace or air conditioner include:
    • Spots around the house that don’t get up to temperature
    • Unexplained noises from the furnace or air conditioner
    • Cold air from the registers in the winter or warm air in the summer
    • Puddles around the air conditioner

    HVAC Installation Services

    If you face more frequent and expensive repairs for your heating and cooling system, it might be time for a replacement. The life expectancy for furnaces and air conditioners is usually around 15 to 20 years. However, these units typically start losing efficiency after ten years.

    Because of advancing technology and higher energy-efficiency requirements, newer systems use much less energy than older models. Replacing your heating or cooling equipment might significantly reduce monthly electric and heating bills.

    Air Conditioning and Furnace Maintenance

    Regular air conditioner and furnace maintenance can extend these systems’ lifespan. It can also help you avoid costly repairs and increase your energy efficiency. Maintenance can include cleaning the condensate line, replacing air filters, tightening electrical connections, and lubricating the system. During the visit, our technicians can spot worn or broken parts before they cause the system to fail.

    With Denver’s sometimes extreme weather, you depend on your heating and cooling systems to keep you safe and comfortable. You can rely on us for new installations, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

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