When winter comes along, you want your furnace to safely operate in your home. Many furnaces use gas, and these systems require maintenance. Here are a few furnace safety tips for your home.

1. Always Schedule Professional Maintenance

Your gas furnace should get an annual inspection by a qualified heating technician. These service calls will involve inspecting critical components, including heat exchanger, sensors, and safety switches. The technician will also run tests to detect any carbon monoxide leaks in your home. In addition to keeping you safe, a professional maintenance call can help your system run more efficiently throughout the winter.

2. Change the Filter

A filter change is one simple way that you can avoid any issues with your furnace. You want to change the filter about every other month. A clogged filter can damage your furnace, and it may cause the unit to overheat.

3. Keep the Furnace Area Clean

The furnace area should never be used for storage. It should remain clear of any debris that may catch on fire. You always want to keep any flammable items away from the furnace. If your furnace area is dirty, make sure to take a broom to clean it up.

4. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide can be deadly, and you usually cannot smell the gas until it’s too late. Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on every level of your home and outside your bedrooms. You’ll also want to change the detector’s batteries about twice a year.

5. Inspect Your Vents

It’s wise to conduct a quick inspection of the vents inside and outside your home. Make sure to look for any loose joints, deterioration, or obstructions. When you schedule preventive maintenance on your furnace, the technicians will inspect these areas for you.

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