Are you looking for a geothermal contractor in Concord, NC who can provide you with dependable services? Putnam Mechanical offers complete geothermal services for a wide range of applications. Geothermal installations provide both heating and cooling options for all types of floor plans. Whether you want to replace your traditional heating system or ensure your existing in-ground equipment works properly, let us know. Locals rely on us for geothermal HVAC services that include installs, repairs, and maintenance for residential properties.

Geothermal systems work using the heat naturally generated inside the earth. The equipment sits in the ground outside the home and can connect inside the home using more traditional delivery systems. This provides a reliable, renewable source of warmth for you and your family. It can be used to heat indoor air and, with the right attachment in place, it can also heat your water. It can be used to pull hot air out of the home in the summer.