Putnam Mechanical smart thermostat A smart thermostat could be an excellent investment. Some of the most up to date models are working to help homeowners reduce their overall heating and cooling costs. They still allow property owners to maintain a comfortable living space as well. Various models exist, and not all offer the same type of overall benefit. However, most homeowners will benefit from investing in a smart thermostat. Our team at Putnam Mechanical can help you determine the value to your home.

Key Benefits to Smart Thermostats
These homes communicate over WiFi connections in your home. Depending on the style selected, they can monitor air quality in various regions of your home and adjust your home’s heating and cooling systems to react the way you desire. Many work through a simple home hub or digital display. Many also have apps on smartphones allowing you to control them from anywhere. They can benefit your home by:

  • Allow you to adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can log in to the app, warm up your home before you come home, or turn the air on when the temperatures in Sarasota, Florida rise.
  • They take human error out of the equation. You do not have to remember to adjust your thermostat. This simple benefit means you may use less heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable.
  • Some systems allow for ample customizable programming. You can program them to maintain different temperatures throughout the day. They can also help you control various zone of your home based on your use of the space.
  • Some can also help analyze your home’s energy use. They can tell you how much energy you are using. This, along with the help from our team at Putnam
  • Mechanical can help you find ways to further reduce your energy use.
  • They also allow you to learn what is happening at your home. They can help you track maintenance. Some can also help by emailing you an alert if there is a problem at the home.
  • This type of smart technology helps solve problems. Most importantly, some of the best smart thermostats work to reduce your energy bills. We encourage you to learn more about these systems. Putnam Mechanical has the experience to help make recommendations for your home.

Talk to our team about the Lennox Thermostats we offer. These smart thermostats are fantastic tools you need to have. Putnam Mechanical is your trusted North Carolina heating and cooling company. With over 75 years of experience, and reliable, certified technicians, we are always available to you. We offer fast response times and affordable service. Contact us today for an estimate by calling 704-360-5232.

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