Most people worry about pollution when they are outside in a busy city. However, the reality is that indoor air can be just as polluted. Thanks to indoor mold growth, furniture off-gassing and potentially carcinogenic chemicals, indoor air is not always safe. There are a few key ways you can keep your indoor air clean and fresh.

Avoid Air Fresheners

A lot of the products people use to create a fragrant smell inside can greatly harm air quality. Things like burning incense, using electric air fresheners or lighting scented candles can all pollute the air enough to trigger medical issues like asthma attacks.

Take Care of Your HVAC Systems

Your HVAC systems do a lot to remove pollutants from the air and prevent indoor mold growth, so be sure to keep them working in optimal condition. Switch out filters regularly, take the time to use professional HVAC maintenance services and check to see if your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are functioning properly.

Clean and Dust Regularly

Many air pollutants reside in dust, so regular cleaning is an important part of keeping your indoor air safe. Vacuum floor surfaces weekly, and use a microfiber dust cloth to remove dust from fan blades, shelves, furniture and other wide surfaces. To prevent the air from becoming more polluted with problematic cleaning chemicals, consider using safer options like white vinegar or lemon juice.

Use All Natural Furniture and Building Materials

A lot of the synthetics, foams and fibreboard used in home and furniture construction have been linked to drastically higher levels of certain carcinogenic air pollutants. Whenever possible, look for natural and non-toxic furniture such as solid wood, bamboo flooring and organic cotton upholstery.

With plenty of talented technicians offering heating, cooling and electrical services, Putnam Mechanical in Mooresville, NC, knows how to make your indoor air feel fresh and comfortable. To learn more about improving your indoor air quality, call us today.

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