Here at Putnam Mechanical, we’re proud to offer the best HVAC services in Cornelius, NC. If you are looking for a fast and easy repair for your heating and air system, our team would be happy to help. Our experienced team brings over 75 years of experience and strives to provide you with the best possible heating and air options.


We are dedicated to our customers and believe everyone deserves their home at a comfortable temperature. If your heater or AC is giving you trouble, give us a call today!

Experienced Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Cornelius

If your heating and air system seem to keep giving you problems, call us today, and we can help determine what service you need. We excel in being the leading HVAC company in the area. If your AC stops working mid-summer, or your furnace makes unbearable noises in the winter, you can always count on us. We pride ourselves in being the leading HVAC service company and will help you fix and maintain your systems. Energy bill spikes are sudden and unexpected. Let us help you get your price at an efficient rate. We are ready to assist with all services. We can solve any heating and cooling problems.

Signs something is wrong with your HVAC system:
  • Spikes in your energy bills
  • Loud/strange noises
  • Weak air flow
  • Smells or leaks coming from your unit
  • HVAC system is over ten years old

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Cornelius

Fixing HVACReplacing an old HVAC system could be to your benefit. Did you know that the newer the heating and cooling system, the more energy efficient? So you can save more money. With a new heating and air system, running your heat in the winter and cold air in the summer would be significantly cheaper. With everyone trying to save these days, the newer the system, the more cost-effective. If your heating and air system are giving you trouble, we offer various financing options to fit your needs. We want what is best for you. We are technologically advanced, and our technicians would love to answer any questions you have. Upgrading your heating and cooling system can be done in no time!

Your Expert Heating and Cooling Maintenance Team

Regular maintenance can be extremely helpful in making sure your heating and air system is ready for the upcoming seasons. The benefits of regular maintenance include lower energy bills, cleaner indoor air quality, longer system life, fewer repairs, and a system that stays working. We will clean your system and get it running in tip-top shape.

Putnam Mechanical is proud to offer quality heating and air conditioning services to homeowners in Cornelius. Please contact us today for your home comfort!