Energy concerns weigh on people’s minds a great deal these days. The public’s consciousness understands that there are ways to conserve energy and reduce waste. Homeowners would benefit from becoming more energy conscious than they already might be, as wasted energy runs up costs.

Expect to see increased heating and cooling bills when a home wastes energy. Increased repair and service bills might be possible, too. A system that overworks itself to compensate for waste may suffer more wear and tear.

Is there any way for homeowners to get a better handle on energy usage? Requesting an energy audit might be a step in the right direction.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit serves as an inspection of energy use inside a house. The audit can reveal the reasons why a home might waste energy. The audit could also point out some positive energy-conserving aspects at the property. Once the audit ends, you can gain a perspective about energy use you might not have possessed before. Based on the provided information, you can then take steps to cut down on waste and improve efficiency.

Of course, it benefits you to hire a qualified energy auditor. A skilled and certified professional would likely deliver a reliable inspection and corresponding report. Based on the report of the energy audit, you can then take several energy-saving steps.

Improve the Insulation

Poor insulation in the attic, walls, crawlspace or elsewhere can create energy issues. Cold air seeping into the home might drive down the temperature. Those living in the home may “crank up the furnace” to get the temperature back to a comfortable level. Unfortunately, poor insulation also contributes to hot air escaping. So, the furnace has to compensate for everything. The same may be true of the air conditioner when summer arrives.

Improving the insulation could, hopefully, address the problem. Working with a contractor who understands insulation and knows how to improve it could also fix the problem.

Tune-Up the HVAC System

Problems with the HVAC unit could contribute to poor efficiency. A system with old or worn parts isn’t going to operate at its maximum potential. Even a dirty filter could cause significant performance troubles. The HVAC unit might work a lot harder to compensate for the mechanical issues hampering it. Calling in a technician to perform a tune-up could restore the system to the correct working condition. Energy bills might reflect the improved efficiency.

Anyone living around the Mooresville area could call Putnam Mechanical for heating and cooling service. Our team handles repair and maintenance work for cooling systems in homes and commercial enterprises.

Install New Windows

Some choose to buy old homes and make very few upgrades and renovations. Keeping the original windows remains an option when there’s seemingly nothing wrong with them. Older windows, however, might lack the energy efficiency of modern ones. Performing an upgrade by purchasing new, energy-efficient windows could protect against unwanted waste. And the improved efficiency may carry over to the HVAC’s performance. The system might not work as much when the windows help with reducing waste. Yes, installing new windows comes with costs. Over time, the energy bill savings could “even out” the expense of the windows.

Don’t Run the Furnace or Air Conditioner As Much

Sometimes, the biggest reason for energy waste comes from the actions of those living in the home. Someone who wants extreme temperatures inside the home could be wasting energy and overworking the air conditioner and furnace throughout the year. Think about what a decent temperature is, and try to stay at that level. Going too hot or too cold may be unnecessary. And doing so may lead to some incredibly high, and easily avoidable, energy bills.

Consider an Upgrade

Maybe now is the time to replace the old HVAC system. If the unit is “aging out,” then it will soon require replacing anyway. Perhaps purchasing a new one slightly ahead of schedule could open doors to purchasing a more efficient model. Perform consumer research to find out what brand and models get high marks for efficiency. Of course, be sure to purchase the right size for your home. The right size supports better efficiency.

At Putnam Mechanical, we’d appreciate the chance to help you select a new HVAC system or service an existing one. Call our Mooresville offices today to schedule a visit. We handle healing, cooling and electrical work.

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