Since the early days of civilization, people have invented different ways to keep themselves warm during cold seasons. In ancient Rome, the first underground heating systems were installed to heat buildings via a fire. Early on, these heating systems were fueled by wood. As you could imagine, the maintenance required a lot of work because you would have to constantly place more wood into the furnace multiple times a day in order to keep the heat going.

Eventually, coal was used in later systems. While this lessened maintenance requirements needed to keep the heating system working, the upkeep was still very time-consuming. Aside from reloading the coal throughout the day, a person would have to routinely clear out the ashes from the unit.

Finally, during the modern era, gas furnaces were introduced. This awesome invention freed people from the ongoing maintenance required with older models. Also, gas furnaces are more efficient and less harmful on the environment than the burning of coal or wood.

Furnaces Used Today

The main furnace used today is the gas furnace. Although the gas furnace is more convenient than other models, it is important to know whether you have an older gas furnace or a newer one. The ultimate difference between an old gas furnace and a new one is its energy efficiency.

Gas Furnace Efficiency

The older gas furnaces have only one heat exchanger, making them highly inefficient. With this type of system, over half of the heat escapes up the chimney. Also, the older models do not have blowers, and this contributes to the heat loss as well.

Newer models will have at least two heat exchangers and a blower. This results in less than 20 percent of heat loss. As you can see, having an up-to-date gas furnace will help you preserve energy and lower your utility costs.

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