An air conditioner requires regular maintenance to continue running efficiently over time. It is recommended to have your AC serviced and cleaned once every year and replaced at least once every ten years. You need to hire a professional who can inspect it just to make sure it is in good working shape. Just because your AC appears to be in the best working condition does not mean it doesn’t need maintenance. If you are looking for comfort and safety in summer, then you cannot ignore your AC. The following are the main reasons why AC maintenance is important:

To Get Better Air Quality
A well maintained AC should be able to circulate and filter the air in your home while poorly maintained air conditioning may be harmful to your health. After a long time of use, the filter of your PC may be filled with debris including irritants, pollen, pesticide, and dust. Air that goes through it is obviously unsafe and it can trigger allergies or cause breathing problems. Whenever you have your home renovated, there is a high probability of dust and lead particles being released into the air. It is important to get your AC’s air duct cleaned. This will help to prevent the circulation of dirt and other harmful particles. You should also replace your AC’s air filter as often as suggested by the manufacturers.

To Improve Energy Efficiency
If not maintained, an air conditioner may lose up to five percent of its energy efficiency every year. If it is maintained, energy efficiency is improved five to fifteen percent. Debris collected on air conditioner’s coils makes it hard for air to flow. It also reduces the AC’s coil ability to absorb heat. It is advisable to have your AC cleaned regularly to improve energy efficiency. This is even more important in dusty areas.

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