When summer arrives in Mooresville, NC, the weather takes a turn toward the hot and humid. Keeping your home cool and comfortable is a serious workout for your air conditioner, the results of which you’ll see when your energy bill arrives. Luckily, there are ways to help your AC run more efficiently. Not only does this help you save money, but it’s also great for the environment.

At Putnam Mechanical, we provide top-notch cooling services in Mooresville, including AC installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. We know almost everything there is to know about your home air conditioner, including how to make it run at peak efficiency. Take a look at the six AC efficiency tips below for ideas to improve your indoor comfort:

1. Close the Drapes

Natural light is beautiful, but the sun’s rays can actually cause your home to heat up. When this happens, your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature. Not only does this lead to higher energy bills, but it also produces extra work for your AC system, possibly causing your air conditioner to wear out faster.

Fortunately, avoiding this problem is as easy as closing your drapes during the day. For the best results, close any blinds or drapes in rooms that get direct sunlight. After the hottest part of the day has passed, you can re-open the blinds to let in that beautiful late-afternoon sunlight.

2. Schedule Chores Strategically

You may not think your chores have an impact on your air conditioner, but the two are more connected than many homeowners realize. This is because almost any chore that requires using an appliance generates heat. Dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers, ovens, and stoves are just a few examples.

So, when is the most energy-efficient time of day to do these chores? Early morning and evening, according to the experts. These are the coolest times of day when your AC isn’t working on overdrive to conquer the hot afternoon sun.

3. Run a Dehumidifier

Humidity has a way of making the air feel even hotter than it actually is. While this can be very useful during the cold winter months, it can be pesky during summer. A dehumidifier is a small home appliance that removes excess moisture from the air. This will make your home feel cooler and more comfortable, so you’re free to turn your AC down a few degrees.

4. Keep Appliances and Devices Away From the Thermostat

Lamps, electronic devices, and small appliances all generate heat while they’re running. If you have such a device right next to your thermostat, your AC is going to think your home is hotter than it actually is. This causes the AC to run harder and drastically decreases its efficiency.

5. Program Your Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an energy-efficient homeowner’s best friend. These convenient devices allow you to control the temperature of your house when you’re not at home. Turning down your AC a few degrees during the day when your house is empty will make its job easier. You can then set the thermostat to start cooling your home down again in preparation for your arrival. Even turning your AC down by a few degrees during the day results in a huge boost in efficiency.

6. Schedule an AC Tune-Up

Last but not least, the best way to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency is by scheduling a professional tune-up. During a maintenance appointment, a Putnam Mechanical technician will do a thorough cleaning of your AC. Clearing away built-up dirt and debris will reduce how hard your AC has to work, which will greatly boost its efficiency. Our technicians will also make minor adjustments to the system to ensure it’s working at peak energy efficiency. Your newly maintained unit will keep your home more comfortable at a lower energy cost.

Mooresville’s Air Conditioner Specialists

Summer is right around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to get your AC ready for the season. From maintaining the unit itself to changing some of your household habits, there are plenty of easy ways to improve the unit’s efficiency. An energy-efficient AC will save money, reduce the need for repairs, and help the environment. That’s a win-win situation!

For reliable air conditioner service in Mooresville, in addition to home heating and electrical service, look no further than Putnam Mechanical. We’re a leading AC contractor in Mooresville, NC, and we’re available to help you with your home energy needs. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule service!

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