During the flu season, you and your family are at risk at all times. While you cannot completely eliminate every risk, there are ways to lower your chances of getting sick. One option is to use a humidifier. Here are three ways a humidifier can help you during the flu season.

Germs Don’t Survive in Humidity

Germs need certain air conditions to thrive. For example, one study has shown that when humidity is raised by 43 percent, only 14 percent of the virus particles maintain the ability to infect you. Humidity in the air can kill a virus particle in as little as 15 minutes. Humidity impacts both small and large virus particles and is equally devastating for both. While it is more naturally humid in the summer and will have less of a chance of getting sick then, you will need to introduce humidity when there is more risk of the virus.

It Moistens Your Passageways

You breathe better when your passageways are moist and hydrated. This makes it easier for air to pass through your nose and throat. When there is some moisture in the air, you have to work just a little less hard to breathe. If you happen to already be sick, the humidity in the air can help you heal a little bit quicker by allowing the mucus to break up and pass from your system.

It Helps You Sleep

When you have to work hard to breathe, it will take you longer to fall asleep and you’ll have difficulty staying asleep. Your tired body will then be more susceptible to catching the flu. If you’re already not feeling well, you’ll need a good night’s sleep to feel better. When the air is easier to breathe, you’ll be able to get some rest to recharge your body.

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