As the name implies, two-stage heating means the furnace offers two different heating settings: a higher one for the cold winter season and a lower one for the milder days.

The majority of homeowners rarely use the high setting. In fact, the lower setting can easily cater to more than 80% of your heating requirements. By keeping this high level reserved for when you really need it, two-stage heating units last longer than traditional HVAC units and can help you with an even heat distribution.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Two-Stage Heating Units?

These two-stage furnaces offer a wide array of perks to the users and bring the following elements to the table. Let’s go over some of the advantages.

Optimal Comfort Throughout the Day

If you are currently using a standard furnace, you must be familiar with the constant temperature swings that you have to face. These furnaces readjust the temperature several times during the day, and you have to sit in the cold environment until the furnace gets back to the optimal temperature levels.

However, with two-stager heating furnaces, you do not have to worry about such temperature swings. These furnaces can offer a consistent temperature throughout the day. Expect the temperature to be within a degree of your preferred setting. Putnam Mechanical has professionals who can help you install a two-stage heating furnace in Mooresville, NC, without stretching your financial budget. We’ll take care of your old heating unit or install a new one without any problems.

Silent Operation

The core benefit of using a two-stage heating furnace is the elimination of any “kicks” or “blasts” drying the initial phase. Generally, when you start a standard furnace, it tries to reach its full capacity as soon as possible and can get noisy and loud.
On the other hand, a two-stage heating system doesn’t try to reach its full capacity within the first few minutes and starts up in the lower setting. It slowly makes its way to the higher setting levels, and this eliminates loud noises or kicks.

Enhanced Air Filtration

Do you want enhanced indoor air quality and air filtration at your fingertips? Well, you can get that with a two-stage heating unit as the lower setting levels can easily capture a higher level of contaminants and pollutants during the filtration process. This means that your furnace can quickly take care of the majority of contaminants and pollutants during the first few minutes of starting up.

This is helpful for people with allergies, and it also offers cleaner and fresher air that is easier to breathe. Putnam Mechanical can also help you improve the indoor air quality with purifier installations and HVAC maintenance in Mooresville, NC.

Cost Efficiency and Higher Performance

A two-stage heating unit consumes a lesser amount of fuel and energy than a standard furnace. Why? A standard furnace always runs at full capacity, and you don’t have the option to adjust the settings. However, a two-stage heating furnace allows you to enjoy lower settings, meaning lesser consumption of fuel. This results in reduced bills and cost-efficiency.

Moreover, a two-stage heating unit also performs better because of the multi-faceted setting options it brings to the table. It doesn’t turn off like the standard furnace units when the heating requirements have been met. It just sets itself to the lowest setting and keeps on offering an even heat distribution throughout the house.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

Standard furnaces are a thing of the past, and two-stage heating units or variable speed HVAC units are the new faces of the HVAC industry. These options offer you autonomous control over your heating and cooling levels while rendering lower utility costs and even heat distribution. These also offer consistent heating and cooling throughout the day, and you get to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.

The professionals at Putnam Mechanical in Mooresville, NC, have years of experience in the industry. We’re known for offering helpful advice as well as affordable heating and cooling services. Our professionals show up on time and are always fully prepared. Moreover, our professionals are also well-trained and certified.

If you decide to go with Putnam Mechanical, you will be guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We will not rest until you are happy with your HVAC unit installation or repair. Contact Putnam Mechanical for top heating and cooling services in Mooresville, NC. We also offer top-notch electrical services!

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