HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” Your home’s HVAC system is comprised of many parts that all work together to warm and cool your home and maintain a balanced temperature throughout the year.

By learning about the different parts of your HVAC system, you’ll be able to better identify the warning signs of a problem, make speedy DIY repairs and explain any troubles you’re having to a professional so he or she can get to the bottom of any issues more easily.

Heating Unit

Your home’s heat comes from a furnace that you usually find in the basement or boiler room. Some homes have heating systems that are connected to their water, so the same unit that heats water may also provide fluid to the HVAC system.

Ventilation Unit

A network of ducts and vents circulate air throughout your home, drawing hot air out or pushing it in, depending on the settings. There are two types of ventilation out there: forced and natural. Most units nowadays used a forced system, which results in better air quality.

Air Conditioning Unit

In a central system, your AC draws warm air from inside the home, removes its heat and cycles it back out. A split system, on the other hand, uses a refrigerant from an outside unit to cool air and deliver it to the rest of the house.

Your HVAC ducts and an air fan are used to push cool air from room to room and draw it back out again. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent problems with your air conditioning unit. Annual tune-ups can also help you save money by correcting any minor issues and ensuring your system doesn’t work overtime.

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