The high moisture content at home is never a good sign. Aside from causing health issues to your family, humidity can also interfere with your home’s electrical. Any humidity level below 30% is something to worry about. Also, watch out for humidity levels that go beyond 50%, as it can cause damage to your electric devices. A perfect temperature range for your electronics should be between 30% and 50%.

Read through to understand what too low or too high humidity levels can do to your electrical system.

Condensation Problems

Condensation can form in your electrical components due to high humidity causing rust and corrosion. These two substances pose a great danger to your electronic devices. They cause them to malfunction, short circuit, and age prematurely.

The consequences of condensation on your devices can worsen if it goes to outdoor applications such as solar power installations and wind turbines.

How do you prevent condensation and protect your appliances? The secret is controlling the humidity levels in your house. You should ensure tightly sealed enclosures have enough space for airflow that reduces condensation risk. Keep your indoor humidity levels to 50%. Stay on high alert for any high-temperature variations in the house.

If condensation happens in your home, there are devices that can help you mitigate the problem. A combination of heaters, hydrostats, and thermostats can be of great help. The thermostat will trigger the heaters to work when the temperature drops, while hydrostats switch on the heaters when temperatures rise above the minimum.

High Room Temperatures

High humidity also creates high room temperatures. Humidity with heat in one room can never go hand in hand. Electronic appliances such as computers have internal fans that help them keep cool. The fan won’t work correctly if the room temperatures are too high. You need to keep temperatures in the air high so that your fan may work more efficiently to cool the air. This will also help lower humidity levels down.

Static Electricity

Acceptable humidity levels at home dissipate static electricity. But when humidity levels are too low and the air dries, static electricity builds up. The effect is clothing sticking together, and you have to deal with painful electric shocks whenever you touch a metal surface.

Static electricity build-up can make you a prisoner in your own home. You won’t even touch doorknobs with peace. Ensure the air circulating in your home has enough moisture that dissipates the static electricity before building up. You’ll not experience the shocks or deal with clothes sticking together.

Your House Overheats

Low humidity levels can cause too much discomfort at home. High humidity levels are not too forgiving either, as you’ll deal with overheating. For your house to start overheating, you must have experienced high humidity levels for quite some time and did nothing about it. You’ll experience overheating when exercising or doing chores around the house. You’ll experience headaches, fatigue, rash, and fainting.

If you have an AC running in the house, it will end up overworking to control the temperature levels within the home. Overworking your AC can cause it to overheat, which can damage it. Before things get out of hand, ensure you contact moisture control experts to restore your humidity levels. They’ll ensure your home gets proper ventilation and becomes safer for you and your electric devices.

High Electric Bills

Moisture levels in your home can make heating and cool very expensive. Your HVAC appliances will work harder to heat the air with high humidity levels and cool the air with low humidity levels.

You should start controlling the home’s moisture levels to improve the effectiveness of your insulation and sealing units. These will help control moisture levels and reduce the workload for your heating and cooling appliances. Ensuring proper ventilation in your home is one of the best strategies you can use to control moisture levels at home.

Let’s Help You Repair the Damage

Uncontrolled humidity levels in your home can affect your health and also destroy your appliances. You don’t want to come home to a house full of static shock and corroded electric devices. You shouldn’t allow it to reach that when help is just around the corner.

Putnam Mechanical will be at your service to control the humidity levels at your home as well as electrical repair for your damaged appliances. We can also help you solve heating and cooling problems at home to ensure you lead a comfortable life. If you live in Mooresville, NC, and the surrounding areas, give us a call, and our experts will be ready to give you same-day services. You can also count on us for heat pump and electrical services.

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