Electrical Panel Wiring in Charlotte, NCElectrical panel wiring in Charlotte, NC doesn’t have to be difficult to install and fix. If you are in the area, the professionals at Putnam Mechanical are available to help. Whether your house needs a new electrical panel installation or you need to have your current electrical panel wiring organized, a professional electrician will make sure that your electrical work is safe, efficient, and durable.

Many people find themselves with a mess of wires after several years or decades in their home. Others need to update wires, check voltage, and add new circuits as they install things like smart home systems. Experienced electricians can assess your panels and wiring for you. They complete all upgrades and repairs you need to keep your home running smoothly and up to code.

Electrical Panel Installation Service

Installing new electrical panel wiring warrants a totally new panel in many cases. While newer panels can hold additional circuits and keep the power running smoothly, there are plenty of times that new wiring in an old panel won’t get you the results you want. Using an old panel for too long can lead to flickering lights, power shortages, and early appliance burnout.

Here are some signs that you should consider a new electrical panel installation rather than adding to an old one:
  • Insufficient circuits
  • Your panel is 25+ years old
  • Scorch marks on outlets
  • Panel does not support modern electronics

Overall, new electrical panel wiring can improve your home’s safety and efficiency. But it can also help you save money by managing the electricity better in your house, allowing you to install energy-efficient modern appliances. It may also help lower your insurance costs. In fact, many homeowners save on their insurance by having a new electrical panel installed because of reduced fire risk. Homeowners may also find that a new panel will help them stay up to code.

Charlotte’s Electrical Panel Wiring Experts

Charlotte's Electrical Panel Wiring ExpertsPutnam Mechanical provides qualified installation and wiring upgrades for jobs of all sizes. We believe in attending to problems before they develop and solving them on the first visit. If you have an emergency with your electric panel, we can respond to your needs 24/7. Our priority is to provide exceptional service without needing to do additional work. We are proud to have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, and our electricians are all highly trained and experienced.

Call Putnam Mechanical today to set up your appointment for electrical panel wiring in Charlotte. We also offer electrical panel wiring in Mooresville.