Residential Electrical Inspections in Charlotte, NCPutnam Mechanical offers reliable residential electrical inspection in Charlotte, NC. We aim to keep your home properly inspected by checking all your electrical systems. Our electrical inspection service can be a lifesaver since it helps you avoid any future problems. Letting your systems run down can be dangerous, but our home electrical inspection services can help keep your home safe. Our electrical inspection services help keep your home efficient while avoiding any malfunctions. We ensure to follow all electrical standards for all our clients depending on your city or community. That’s by following the electrical code and regulations, thus avoiding any electrical and legal trouble.

Quality Residential Electrical Inspection

Faulty electrical equipment and wiring are among the leading causes of home fires. Your home’s electrical wiring is an integral part of its infrastructure. Making sure it’s in the best condition requires a professional electrical inspection. The inspection acts as a checkup for your home’s electrical system. That’s because it ensures that all appliances, systems, and wires meet safety regulations.

Quality Residential Electrical InspectionBy getting our home electrical inspection service, we aim to ensure that you always save money. This involves checking your home to know how efficient it is. We can also upgrade your wiring to make the home more efficient. This can help decrease your carbon footprint and spending. Furthermore, our services aim to help catch problems early. That’s why we advise annual home inspections. We can easily find and fix any frayed wires during the checkup, thus preventing a potential house fire.

Here are some indicators that your home needs an electrical inspection:
  • Flickering lights when you turn on appliances
  • Two pronged outlets
  • Warm switches or outlets
  • When your circuit breaker trips
  • Burning smell

Charlotte’s Home Electrical Inspection

Charlotte's Home Electrical InspectionOur unique and reliable services have made us the go-to company for all local residents. We are devoted to offering the best electrical inspection service to our clients. Therefore, regardless of your house, we can help you have some peace of mind by conducting professional inspections. This helps keep everything functioning properly, especially since we offer same-day service. We are flexible with our appointment availability, and we also provide financing options for all our clients.

At Putnam Mechanical, we offer sound advice, quick response to phone calls, and reasonable rates. No matter the extent of your electrical problem, you can count on us to comprehensively conduct an inspection and resolve the issue. We stand behind our results, and our technicians can answer any of your questions.

Contact us at Putnam Mechanical today to schedule residential electrical inspection in Charlotte. We also offer residential electrical inspection in Mooresville.