Losing power at home can be inconvenient, even if it’s only for a few hours. Various things, such as equipment failure, overloaded electricity mains and natural disasters, can cause a power outage. Your utility company works hard to ensure that you are safe and will restore power as soon as possible. However, it is wise to prepare for extended power outages, especially after a hurricane, earthquake, winter storms, or heavy rainfall. A little preparation can make a significant difference in your family’s comfort and safety when there is a power outage.

1. Fill the Tub

Your city water supply is likely to go down as soon as the power goes out. Therefore, you might experience a water shortage in your home. Also, natural disasters like flood might contaminate water, making it unsafe during a power outage. It would be wise to fill your bottles, buckets and tub with water. Store enough water for your household, depending on your usage. Since not all drains are tight, seal your bathtub drains with duct tape so that your water won’t be gone in a few hours. Have at least a gallon of water per person per day for at least four days so that you don’t run out of water too soon. Also, remember to store drinking water in clean bottles to prevent contamination.

2. Alternative Lighting Options

Ensure that you have enough alternative light sources before the power outage. Have enough flashlights for all rooms in your home and every family member. Alternatively, you may consider a powerful light source if flashlights aren’t an option. Ensure that you have enough stock of fresh spare batteries to avoid staying in the dark when the power is out. Emergency candles, propane lanterns, or oil lamps are also an option. However, be careful when using candles on bathroom and kitchen counters to prevent fires. You can also use a fireplace, but ensure that you have the right matches or butane wands.

3. Preparing Your Home

It’s wise to prepare your home for a power outage, especially if you have been warned that it will happen. It helps to keep your home safe during the outage and when the lights come back. Turn all your light switches off and unplug appliances from sockets to prevent damage from an electrical surge. Ensure that you unplug computers and other expensive equipment. Also, leave one light switch to alert you when the power is back. Avoid running your generator indoors during a power outage, and ensure you have proper ventilation when using camp stoves or charcoal grills.

4. Power Outage Emergency Kit

You don’t want to be scrambling for items when the power goes out. It can be dangerous to walk around in the dark, shuffling through closets to find essential supplies. You can prevent all that by assembling everything you might require in one container or storage box. Place the box in an easy-to-access location, especially the main level, to avoid stairs. Let everyone member know where you place the kit. It can contain a first aid kit, essential medications if any, extra batteries, an emergency contact list, and a flashlight.

5. Make Your Car a Generator

You can survive a blackout by turning your vehicle into a generator. Buy a power inverter to turn DC into AC for your electric devices. You can recharge your computer and phone to remain connected with the world and get weather updates on the phone. Large units can also power your fridge or power tools.

6. Emergency Weather Radio

It’s essential to be on the know-how even when in darkness. Therefore, consider buying an emergency weather radio that operates with solar power or a hand crank. The radio doesn’t need a generator to work. An emergency weather radio is portable, so you can carry it if you need to evacuate.

7. Save Food with Ice

A few days without power can cost you a hundred bucks when food spoils in the freezer or fridge. Fortunately, you can preserve your food to prevent it from going bad by filling locking freezer bags with water and storing them in the freezer. They will help the freezer remain cold for longer during a blackout.

8. Plan a Few Activities

Boredom can quickly set in during a power outage, especially if it lasts for days. Besides the emergency supplies, you can include some fun and easy activities to keep you entertained and pass the time during a power outage. You can get puzzles, magazines, word games, and books for kids to keep them occupied and distracted.

Knowledgeable Technicians at Your Service

Natural disasters and storms can happen when you least expect them. Use these tips to prepare for power outages and reduce inconveniences. We can help you adequately prepare for a power outage and ensure your home’s safety. You can also rely on us for electric repairs, refrigeration services, commercial HVAC, furnace repairs, and heat pump replacement. Contact Putnam Mechanical today for additional tips to prepare for a power outage in Mooresville. We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.

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