Buying used goods is usually an incredible way to save money, at least on certain items. However, a furnace isn’t one of these products. If you’re considering purchasing a used furnace to save money, think again. Save yourself the headache by contacting the furnace specialists at Putnam Mechanical. We have the knowledge and experience to install a new furnace for you at an affordable price. There are numerous reasons you shouldn’t purchase a used furnace. Here are a few of them.

Used Furnaces Don’t Come With a Warranty

A new furnace usually comes with a 10-year warranty that covers labor and parts. Most furnace manufacturers state in this contract that only the original owner can benefit from the warranty, and only if the equipment is still in the initial site of installation. If you buy one used, you’ll probably have a difficult time even finding a trustworthy HVAC contactor to install it for you. And if it does need repairs, you may not easily find a technician to make them. Most reputable HVAC companies source their furnaces directly from the manufacturer so they understand the unit’s history and can quickly refer to it. A replacement furnace of unknown origin makes the technicians wary, and they probably won’t offer any labor guarantee on the installation. Therefore, if something goes wrong with your unit, you might be in for a considerable expenditure.

A Used Furnace Could Be the Wrong Size

You can’t just choose and install any furnace in your home and expect it to work correctly. It might be too small or too big for the size of your house, meaning it can’t do its job and will be a waste of money and energy. You’ll have limited options for the right size of furnace for your home if you buy one used. A professional HVAC technician can take measurements and help you choose the right unit for your square footage.

Used Equipment Might Need Costly Repairs

If you invest in a used furnace, you aren’t sure if it will run reliably or not. The person selling it may not give you all the information you need regarding its history and could omit things about the state the furnace is in. Without this information, you could end up spending more money on repairs than it’s worth. You could even exceed the price of a new unit.

Limited Lifespan

Furnaces have an average lifespan of 15-20 years. Therefore, you’ll likely not have many useful years left in a used furnace. In addition, you don’t know how well the unit has been maintained, so even a furnace that’s only five years old could be close to breaking down. The lower cost of a second-hand furnace will not offset the need to replace it after only a short while.

Used Units Lack Quality

Reputable HVAC companies don’t install used furnaces because they know they are not worthwhile. A used unit won’t come with either a warranty or a return policy. You might not get a refund if you find that there’s something wrong with the heating system. The performance and maintenance history are usually not available either, making it hard to tell when it should be serviced next.

Your Furnace Can Get Red-Tagged

When a licensed HVAC technician comes to inspect your furnace, whether it needs repairs or routine maintenance, they’re required by law to red-tag it if they find a serious safety issue with your unit. This means the technicians will notify the gas utility company, which will shut off your gas supply if you don’t repair or replace your furnace in the given time frame.

Poor Air Quality

A used furnace will have picked up a lot of dust and debris over time and pulled in various pollutants from its initial location. An unmaintained system can face difficulties filtering and circulating the air, which can contribute to mold and other problems in your home. It can also emit hazardous gases and run the risk of contaminating your home with carbon monoxide. To ensure that these problems are prevented, an in-depth air quality inspection would be necessary before purchasing a used unit.

Trust the Experts

At Putnam Mechanical, we know furnaces are expensive, and purchasing one may not seem as if it’s in your budget right now. That’s why we work closely with our clients to help them find the best deals on heating systems that suit their homes, and we offer flexible financing options on approved credit to reduce the financial burden of purchasing a new system. We assist both residential and commercial clients with heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repairs. Our certified technicians serve Mooresville, NC and all the neighboring areas, and they have 75 years of combined experience. Call us today to schedule a consultation or installation.

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