If your air conditioner has passed the 15-year mark, it is time to start making arrangements to purchase a new system. Replacing an old or obsolete AC can be very costly. For that reason, when it is time to fit your home with the new AC system, you may be tempted to explore the possibility of cutting down the costs by doing the installation yourself. It may seem simple to many homeowners, especially because there are myriad DIY videos on the internet.

The reality is that AC installation should be done by a licensed individual with the necessary training. These professionals also know the different precautions to take to ensure a safe and successful outcome. Here, we will look at some of the reasons you should avoid DIY AC installation.

1. Inadequate AC Sizing

There are many types of air conditioners made for different room sizes. If an AC is too large or small for a room, there will be problems with cooling. Attempting DIY AC installation can lead you to make a mistake about the sizing. AC sizing tends to depend both on calculations and rational thinking.

Another thing to consider is the overall temperature of your city and the total number of windows in your home. An under-sized unit will struggle to keep your home cool, so your AC will run all the time and cost you a fortune in utility bills. An oversized unit will cool your home much faster but experience short cycling, a phenomenon that will highly exacerbate the wear and tear of your system.

2. Lack of Expertise

Attempting DIY AC installation is not recommended because an average homeowner does not have the skills and expertise required to get an AC up and running. While attempting such a DIY project may seem thrilling, it may cost you more time and money if you do not know what you are doing and require future AC repairs. If you attempt DIY installation and something goes wrong, you will call a professional technician to fix the unit. This might cost you more money, especially if a part got damaged in the process. It also means that you may have wasted time on something that could have been quickly completed by a professional.

3. Comply to Codes

It is essential to comply with all relevant city, state, and other applicable codes to ensure an HVAC installation is legal. The installation will need to undergo inspection and obtain approval. In the event that any errors are identified during the inspection, you will be required to rectify them to meet the necessary inspection standards. Leave HVAC installation to licensced experts!

4. Risk of Electrocution

Air conditioners require a high electrical voltage to run. Thus, they have a series of wires that must be connected correctly to ensure the system runs smoothly. If you do not have basic electrical wiring knowledge, you can get electrocuted when trying to work with those wires. In addition to the threat of electrocution, DIY AC installs can also lead to dangerous fire hazards. No life is worth the perceived savings of doing the installation yourself. Leave the job to trained professionals.

5. Voiding Your Warranty

Besides risking being electrocuted or starting a fire, DIY AC installation can void your unit’s warranty. This can be a costly mistake in the long term. There is more to installing your AC than just fitting it in your wall and plugging it in. Surprisingly, the cooling capacity of your AC can be dictated by how well it was installed. Additionally, even a simple thing like a clogged filter can harm the performance of the unit.

Rely on the Professionals

At Putnam Mechanical, we have a team of experienced technicians dedicated to ensuring that every part of your project is done correctly using a checklist to guide and test every step. At the end of our appointment, we will show you how you can get the most out of your AC system and give you maintenance tips so that it lasts for a long time. We can also assist you with other HVAC services, such as maintenance and repairs.

Putnam Mechanical also specializes in commercial and electrical solutions. Financing and emergency services are also available for our valued customers. If you are a resident of Mooresville or the surrounding areas, contact Putnam Mechanical to schedule an appointment.

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