The average lifetime for a furnace is about 15 years. However, it can be shorter if the furnace is not well maintained. Do not wait until the furnace has broken down to have it inspected. Be on the lookout for the signs of problems as listed below.

Your furnace has not been checked in a year or more

When was the last time you called a technician to check on your furnace? Ideally, it should be inspected at least once annually even if it is working right. If your furnace has not been checked for the last one year, it may be time, you call a technician.

There is water pooling around the furnace

Your furnace may leak of water around the condensing unit. While it is less dangerous than a gas leak, ensure that you have checked on time. If water is left to leak for an extended period, your furnace may not heat efficiently. Keep checking the area around the heater for water pools.

You may also smell a gas leak if the gas supply system has a problem. In that case, find the gas supply valve and turn off the lights. Open the windows and doors and do not light up any electronics, lights or matches at home. Call a technician at once and do not use the furnace until it is declared safe.

There are weird loud sounds from time to time

Your furnace is supposed to run smoothly without any noise. Therefore, if you hear a sudden thud, bang or scrape from time to time, it is a sign that something is not working right with your heater. Call a technician to determine the source of the noises as they will not go away on their own.

Air blows weakly

The circulation of warm and cold air enables your furnace to warm the house. However, if there are blockages in the vent system or the furnace is not blowing enough hot air, it may struggle to attain the desired temperature. If the furnace has such a problem, call a professional to have it checked fast.

Your bills suddenly rise

Your energy bills should not go up at once without a corresponding increase in the usage of the furnace system. A rise in energy bill could signal that the system is overworking to maintain the required temperature. A blocked ductwork can also lead to a rise in energy bills. Get it inspected as soon as possible.

The system blows cold air

If the pilot light or the thermocouple has a problem, your furnace may blow cold air. Both of these systems required specialized skills to diagnose and repair effectively call a technician to check on it once you realize that it is not warming the house.

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