Would you go a year without changing the oil in your car? No. Then why would you go a year without tuning up your HVAC system?

HVAC service agreements are designed to do just that. Putnam Mechanical’s service agreements provide a checkup and tune-up for your system at the start of the winter and summer seasons. Check out the top 8 reasons below to have a service agreement for your home –

  1. Reliability – By completing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system(s) twice a year your equipment is less likely to breakdown.
  2. Cost Savings – Preventative maintenance services are designed to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency. This will prevent running too often or not often enough which directly effects energy costs.
  3. Equipment Lifetime – Service will help to maximize the life of your equipment and components.
  4. Warranty – Many factory warranties require preventative maintenance services to be completed annually or the factory warranty may be voided.
  5. Lease Requirements – Often times those leasing are required to complete preventative maintenance services on all equipment or the leaser may be directly responsible for repair or replacement costs.
  6. Safety – Since many furnaces are gas powered, the winter check will ensure there are no unknown safety hazards.
  7. Expert Inspections – Service agreements ensure your equipment is inspected twice annually by industry leading certified technicians. Technicians will be able to identify looming issues early to ensure there are no breakdowns.
  8. Automatic Reminders with Easy Online Scheduling – Putnam Mechanical will automatically remind homeowners of when services are due and give the homeowner the ability to go online and schedule the appointment themselves to identify what date and time works best.

Check back next week for our top 8 reasons to have a service agreement for your commercial facility!

To find out more information on residential agreements contact Putnam Mechanical at (704) 360-5232.

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