When was the last time you cleaned your air conditioner? While you may clean your unit seasonally or a couple of times a year, your AC actually requires a thorough scrubbing every few months. Grime and mildew can accumulate in the system and wear down its efficiency. You can easily begin an effective cleaning routine that prolongs your unit’s lifespan and keeps your home feeling fresh. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your window AC unit.

Easy Cleaning Routine

Start your routine by unplugging your air conditioner and preparing your area. Cleaning your AC outside can minimize the spread of dust in your home. However, you can also set down a towel or a drip pan to catch any water leakage. You’ll need to gather some rags, dish soap, a fin brush, and compressed air. You may also need a vacuum if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your unit.

Remove the front of your air conditioner, which may pop off or require you to unscrew it. Different models may have latches or unique functions that require you to consult your owner’s manual. Once the front is removed, take out the air filter and wipe it clean. You can vacuum off any hair or dirt that’s accumulated before using dish soap and water. Filters often need to be replaced regularly during the summer to protect your indoor air quality.

Set your filter aside to dry and return to your AC unit. Gently wash down the front and sides of your unit with dish soap. If you don’t feel comfortable getting the system wet, you can use a damp cloth to get between the slats and thoroughly remove any grime. Pay special attention to the gaps where cold air comes out.

You can then move inside the air conditioner. Use a fin comb or soft bristle brush to clean the aluminum fins in your system. Fin combs can easily be found at home improvement stores and online. You can also find equipment that will correct your fins in case they’re accidentally bent or damaged. Wear gloves while cleaning this part of your unit to minimize any cuts or scrapes. Use the condensed air to spray the coils behind the fins. Thoroughly work through every inch of the unit to ensure all of the accumulated dust is removed.

Use a vacuum to clean up any large debris lingering on the edges of your AC unit. You can also clean your drain line and overflow pan. All of the condensation your unit produces is removed via your drain line. This constant moisture can increase your chances of mildew or mold developing, which will impact your household’s health. Your overflow pan should be toward the bottom of the unit. Dump any lingering water in the sink or remove it with a wet/dry vacuum. You can then wipe the whole pan down with a rag and dish soap.

Check your drain line to ensure there are no clogs or remaining water inside. Any moisture produced in the unit should have a clear path when exiting the system. Leave your air conditioner and all its parts to dry for a couple of hours before reassembling. Turn your AC back on to enjoy the crisp, cool air that will keep you and your family comfortable.

Final Tips

Starting a regular cleaning routine is a great way to prolong your AC unit’s lifespan and decrease your monthly utility bills. You should also switch out your filters regularly and store your air conditioner inside the home during the colder months.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning and taking apart your AC. Professional technicians are trained to handle every AC issue and maintenance need. Schedule regular appointments with local experts to keep your HVAC system in the best shape possible.

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