Most homeowners typically use standard disposable air filters because of their affordability. However, these offer only minimal protection to the HVAC system and the quality of indoor air. Although air cleaners will really improve your IAQ, not everyone has this option. Thus, the best alternative is to consider the use of a pleated filter. With different sizes and customized depths, these types of filters are available for both commercial and residential use.

What Are Pleated Air Filters?

A pleated air filter is designed with a folded pattern, hence the name “pleated.” Due to the folds, these filters have increased density and surface area, which prevent airflow reduction. Compared to standard filters, pleated filters can better collect the tiniest particles without increasing the energy consumption of your HVAC system.

Unlike some higher-grade alternatives, most pleated filters can fit right into the HVAC system slot. This flexibility makes them the best option for homeowners who would not want to alter their ductwork. Pleated filters do not have any problem working with most modern HVAC systems. If your home needs a filter, here are the reasons why you need to consider the pleated ones.

They Are Known to Efficiently Filter Indoor Air

Most standard air filters can only collect up to 20% of pollutants that form as large particles in the air. On the other hand, pleated filters can collect 90% of such particles in your indoor air and up to 80% of tiniest particles with sizes less than 1 micron, including lead dust, legionella, and auto emission pollutants. Furthermore, these filters help to trap allergens and other particulates that are harmful to human health.

Minimizes Reduction in Airflow

When using standard filters, higher minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings would mean dense materials, which prevents the air handler from pushing air easily. The blockage causes the HVAC system to consume a lot of energy to work efficiently. However, pleated filters have a folded design that allows them to push air in the system easily without sacrificing the rate of airflow.

With MERV ratings that range from 5 to 16, pleated filters are effective in providing the required air quality for your home without compromising the functionality of your HVAC system.

Protects Your HVAC System

Since standard air filters allow a lot of tiny particles to pass through the HVAC system, they will be exposing the system to a lot of dust buildup that causes frequent repairs. With pleated filters, you will be protecting your HVAC system because most of the dust particles will be filtered, thus, preventing damage and extra repair charges.

Pleated filters have an average efficiency of 30% because of their carbon material, which removes odors and other low concentrated pollutants. Furthermore, your HVAC system’s efficient functioning would mean low energy consumption and increased savings.

You Will Need Less Maintenance

While standard throwaway filters require changing every month, pleated filters are good for as long as two to three months. The reason for the durability is because of the large surface area of the filters that enable them to trap more dust and particulates on the surface before clogging the filters. This significantly reduces the number of changes needed for the air filters as well as the maintenance of the HVAC system.

Increased Durability

Regardless of the type of your HVAC unit, pleated filters will ensure that you get high-quality indoor air because they are durable. Compared to standard air filters, they have a more extended lifespan.

In addition, this type of filter does not require alteration of the ductwork during installation because it is customized to fit into the HVAC system. Since you will simply slide in the filter into the filter space, your ductwork and the whole system will be protected from any leakage.


Efficient filters are essential to your HVAC system if you want to improve your indoor air quality. They should be installed appropriately to avoid any leakage of air bypassing the system. At Putnam Mechanical, we can help you choose an HVAC system that works well with pleated filters. Our goal is to make sure our clients stay comfortable at home.

Located in Mooresville, Putnam Mechanical sells air conditioners and furnaces that can control your indoor air quality. We also offer HVAC services, which include performing AC and heating repairs, installations, and tune-ups. To learn more about pleated filters, contact Putnam Mechanical today.

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