As discussed last week, HVAC service agreements are designed to provide a checkup and tune-up for your system to ensure equipment reliability. If you missed last week’s blog, you can find it here. Last week we discussed the top 8 reasons to have a service agreement for your home. Not only is a service agreement important for your home, but it is equally if not more important for your business. Check out the top 8 reasons to have a service agreement for your business below –

  1. Reliability – By completing preventative maintenance on your HVAC system(s) 2-4 times a year your equipment is less likely to breakdown. For businesses equipment downtime means dollars lost through employee productivity loss, customer loss and potential product loss.
  2. Cost Savings – Preventative maintenance services are designed to keep your systems running at maximum efficiency for maximum comfort. This will prevent running too often or not often enough which directly affects energy costs.
  3. Equipment Lifetime – Service will help to maximize the life of your equipment and components. Most commercial units will last 12-15 years, but if not serviced during proper intervals that life can be drastically shorter.
  4. Warranty – Many factory warranties require preventative maintenance services to be completed annually or the factory warranty may be voided meaning the owner of the equipment will be responsible for all repair costs.
  5. Lease RequirementsTriple net leases require tenants to complete preventative maintenance services on all equipment or the tenant may be directly responsible for repair or replacement costs.
  6. Safety – Since many furnaces are gas-powered, the winter check will ensure there are no unknown safety hazards including gas leaks or potential fire hazards.
  7. Expert Inspections – Service agreements ensure your equipment is inspected a minimum of twice annually by industry-leading certified technicians. Technicians will be able to identify looming issues early to ensure there are no breakdowns through industry-leading expert diagnosis.
  8. Guaranteed Response TimePutnam Mechanicalcommercial service agreements guarantee a four hour or shorter response time 24/7 x 365 to all customers. During the heat of summer or cold of winter, our technicians will be onsite in four hours or less to minimize to chance of equipment downtime affecting your business.

Check out next week’s final piece to this series when we explore the top 8 reasons to have a service agreement in place for your refrigeration equipment!

Putnam Mechanical offers free site surveys with a free service agreement cost estimate for all commercial properties. Contact us today at (704) 360-5232 to schedule yours!

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