Ceiling fans make a perfect comfort addition to your Mooresville, NC home. They help you reduce your dependence on air conditioning and save you money. Plus, they improve air circulation inside your home. However, ceiling fans can develop certain problems over time that lead them to make noise. Here are five of the most common reasons that can happen.

1. Loose Screws or Parts

The most common reason for a ceiling fan to start making noise is loose screws or parts. These occur because the vibrations of a running fan may slowly rotate screws or shake parts loose. This is a typical problem, especially for the screws that hold your fan’s blades and brackets together. However, the screws that hold your fan’s light fixture or canopy can also develop this issue. The good news is that all you need is a screwdriver to fix the problem. Just turn off your fan and check all of your fan’s visible screws for a tight fit.

2. Blade Balance Issues

Another thing that can cause your ceiling fans to make noise is unbalanced blades. Something as simple as an accumulation of dirt on one or more of the blades can cause this. Or, a single slightly bent blade bracket can do it. However, if cleaning your fan blades and straightening brackets doesn’t help, there is another repair option. You can purchase a ceiling fan blade balancing kit. These consist of small weights you can stick onto the blades to balance them properly. You can use them to find the problematic blade and then correct your noise issue.

3. Improper Installation

If your ceiling fan has always made noise, it could be a result of an improper installation. For example, if the fan isn’t mounted on a proper mounting bracket, it may vibrate and rattle. Over time, the constant movement can damage your fan or at least worsen the noise. If you suspect that an improper installation is the cause of your noisy fan, you should give us a call. We’ll send a member of our team to check out your fan’s installation and make repairs if necessary. This is the best way to rid yourself of installation-related noise from your ceiling fans for good.

4. Worn-Out Bearings

If you’re hearing a squeaking or grinding noise from one of your ceiling fans, worn-out bearings could be the cause. If the problematic ceiling fan is an old model, it may be possible to lubricate the bearings. Older fans often had bearings with openings designed to allow owners to add oil over the years. However, newer models typically feature sealed bearings that don’t allow this. If yours is a newer fan, the only way to solve a bearing problem is to replace them. In either case, the fan must be removed from the ceiling to complete the work. For that reason, neither ceiling fan bearing lubrication nor replacement is a DIY job.

5. A Failing Motor Component

Finally, if you hear humming or buzzing coming from one of your ceiling fans, its motor is the likely culprit. This is another problem you shouldn’t try and fix yourself. Doing so requires working with the electrical parts of your fan, which could be hazardous if done wrong. Plus, certain ceiling fan motor issues aren’t worth fixing, and you need an expert to diagnose the problem. For example, if your motor issue is a result of a failing capacitor, it’s a relatively inexpensive fix. However, if the problem is a result of damaged motor windings, a fan replacement may be necessary.

Your Local Ceiling Fan Experts

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