Established in 2006, Putnam Mechanical is a trusted heating and air company in Cleveland, NC. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we work diligently to provide high-quality heating and air conditioning services to our customers. Our list of services include furnace repairs, heat pump repairs, air conditioning installations, and commercial HVAC services.

    Cleveland Heating and Air Repairs

    Has your HVAC system been causing you trouble, but you’ve been postponing repairs? This may not seem like an issue now. However, prolonging repairs could be disadvantageous in the long run. When AC problems persist, they tend to worsen and become more costly. By handling the issue early on, you could easily save hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

    Additionally, prompt repairs can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Unforeseen HVAC malfunctions, especially in the middle of a North Carolina summer, can be quite uncomfortable. Certain air conditioning issues may also increase safety hazards. Neglected electrical wiring defects, for example, can lead to electrocution and fires. Lastly, overlooked AC problems can extend to other components and parts of your home. For instance, clogged drain lines or bad pumps can cause leaks, interior water damage, and mold.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Installations

    If you believe it’s time to replace your outdated unit, your realization is just half the battle. The next step is to decide which type of system works best for you.

    A few of the main types of HVAC units include :
    • Furnace and AC combinations
    • Ground-source heat pumps
    • Ductless systems
    • Portable units

    The furnace and air conditioner combination, which is the most popular option, features an outdoor cooling system and an indoor heating unit. A heat pump serves as an environmentally friendly alternative that involves an underground heat transfer process. A ductless system utilizes wall-mounted blowers instead of ductwork. As the name suggests, you can transport your portable HVAC system as you move from room to room.

    Dependable Heating and Air Maintenance

    It can sometimes be tempting to try to perform AC tune-ups on your own. However, soliciting the help of a professional is the optimal option. Firstly, our technicians are aware of and equipped to handle possible dangers and safety hazards. Our professionals also have the tools necessary to complete maintenance projects efficiently and effectively. Finally, experienced technicians possess a wealth of background knowledge that you can’t always find in manuals.

    Give Putnam Mechanical a call today if you’re in need of heating and air services in Cleveland.